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Tomorrow’s Business Leaders is Recruiting Volunteers for the Spring 2014 Academic Year!

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Apply to be a Volunteer! 
Deadline: Sunday, January 19th, 2014
Link*:  http://www.tomorrowsbusinessleaders.org/volunteerapplication

What Volunteering Entails:
• Teaching with other volunteers from various industries (teaching curriculum is provided)
• Volunteer training is provided which includes teaching best practices and speaking tips
• Each program per semester is about 10-14 weeks long. You will teach every other week (5-7 lessons in total) for an hour in the morning prior to working hours or during lunch time.
• Commitment: 1-semester commitment required, 2-semester commitment preferred
• You will be assigned to a low-moderate income public high school in Manhattan

What You Gain:
• Give back to the community in a high impact way, with minimal time commitment
• Opportunity to get your students excited about learning and achieving their goals
• Access to leadership opportunities as a Project Leader or on TBL’s Management Team
• Diverse network of business professionals from top companies in New York City
• Access to TBL volunteer socials and fundraising events

For more information, please see visit the website: http://www.tomorrowsbusinessleaders.org/volunteer. If you have any questions, please contact recruiting@tomorrowsbusinessleaders.org.

*Online form says 2012-13; please disregard and complete based on your 2014 schedule. 

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