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Resident Aide Per Diem Position Available

Position: Resident Aide (Per Diem)

Barrier Free Living is seeking  a  Resident  Aide,  Per  Diem,  available  to  work  overnight,  weekend  and/or  holiday  shifts.  YOU MUST HAVE A NY STATE DRIVER’S LICENSE TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION.

The Resident  Aide  reports  to  the  Shift  Supervisor  and  is  responsible  for  assisting  in  the  maintenance  of  a  secure  work  environment  for  staff,  residents  and  visitors.


  • Provide  coverage  at  the  Reception  Desk  in  monitoring  entry  and  exit  of  staff,  residents  and  visitors;  answering  and  directing,  as  appropriate,  telephone  calls;  and  completing  other  administrative  duties  as  requested  by  supervisors
  • Assist  in  monitoring  compliance  with  fire  and  other  safety  regulations  related  to  the  facility.
  • Assist  in  addressing  and  following  up  on  any  incidents  related  to  security  or  safety  within  the  facility,  providing  emergency  response  and  crisis  management  help  as  needed.
  • Ensure  timely  and  appropriate  completion  of  all  log  and  incident  documentation  required  by  supervisors  in  recording  security  and  safety  issues/incidents.
  • Assist  with  resident  programs,  as  needed. Complete  light  housekeeping  tasks,  when  directed.


  • Minimum  of  six  months  prior  experience  working  in  a  residential  setting.
  • Minimum  of  high  school  diploma  (or  GED).
  • Strong  oral  communication  skills  and  fundamental  writing  competency  required.
  • Ability  to  think  and  act  calmly  in  emergency  situations  required.
  • Experience  working  with  people  with  disabilities  highly  desirable.

To Apply:

Please visit BFL’s website at http://www.bflnyc.org/about-us/employment/

Click the appropriate link on the page and enter your information online.

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