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Outreach Manager Position in NYC

Idealist  is hiring!  If you’re a person who loves engaging with people while ALSO obsessing about data, Idealist is looking for YOU!  Idealist is hiring an Outreach Manager in their New York City office.

Idealist is looking for someone who is friendly, energetic, curious, data-driven, and highly imaginative to help them grow their community of nonprofit job posters.  Idealist’s growth so far has been mainly by word of mouth, which is wonderful, but now they are seeking to expand their base of job posters in new and creative ways. This new role will help ensure that every organization who can benefit from Idealist’s job posting service, knows about it.

This position is FULL-TIME, with a salary range between $48,000-$60,000.  Approximate start date is August 6, 2012.


  • Provide research and analysis to help develop our outreach strategy to organizations.
  • Promote Idealist and its services to job posters through direct outreach, including regional, national, and international initiatives, establishing partnerships, and attending networking events.
  • Develop targeted promotional ideas to expand our reach with new organizations, measure the success of those strategies on an ongoing basis, and make changes as needed to ensure success.
  • Working with others on staff, ensure that existing organizations have the tools and resources they need to continue to use Idealist for all of their job posting needs.
  • Help strategize and support other earned income initiatives as required.


  • Highly skilled in customer or community development and engagement, with a minimum of three years experience.
  • A genuine, skilled communicator who thrives on creating relationships.
  • A person who seeks out new opportunities, and are creative in your approach.
  • Data-driven, and use tools effectively to measure the impact of your work.
  • Patient, yet driven, and approach your work with enthusiasm and touch of humor.
  • Familiar with Salesforce (not essential, but helpful).

How to Apply:   Please send a resume and the answers to these two questions (instead of a cover letter):

1) Why do you want to work at Idealist, and why would you excel in this position?

2) Provide an example when you were able to successfully promote a new initiative or service to a broad audience.

Your resume and answers should be saved as one document named “your last name_idealist”.  Please email your application to idealist_hiring@idealist.org with the subject line: “Outreach Manager_your last name_your first name” . Please submit your application by July 12, 2012.

There are no educational requirements for this position.

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