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End Stop & Frisk: Silent March Against Racial Profiling

“In contrast to previous demonstrations, individuals will march in silence as an illustration of both the tragedy and serious threat that stop and frisk and other forms of racial profiling present to our society. You can join in powerful protest to help end this great injustice and begin rebuilding national opposition to racial profiling.  It is not only discriminatory, it actively seeks to humiliate innocent citizens—particularly African American and Latino men—and criminalize otherwise legal behavior.”

If you’re outraged that police, security guards, and even community watch volunteers in so many neighborhoods continue to treat young people of color differently, or if you’re concerned for your children, or your neighbors’ and friends’ children, then channel these emotions into action by joining thousands in calling for an end to racial profiling and the abuse of New York’s stop and frisk laws.

Join civil rights, faith, labor, and community groups in a silent march against NYC’s “stop and frisk” policy!  Stand together to show that New Yorkers refuse to let our children and community be victimized by racial profiling!

Sponsored by: 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

Date: Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17th, 2012 @ 3pm

Where: Assemble at 110th St. west of Fifth Avenue

Visit http://silentmarchnyc.org/ for further details!

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